Sunday, August 3, 2008

2nd Week - MYE

Lately I've been noticing the use of 3d type in design and I was really impressed with the results so I decided to try it out :) A lot of the tutorials for 3d type involved a 3d program but lucky for you guys I didn't give up and found one that uses illustrator.

Sorry guys I'll post this weeks project in the next few days for now enjoy my 3d type piece :)

3D Typography



danni said...

mye, this is freakin' sweet. where is the tutorial from? or did you just make it on your own? i love it. you should make a banner for your site with this type :)

mye mye said...

if you click on the image of the tutorial it will take u to the tutorial page!

Mr. Elliott said...

I second that, very cool. I actually used this as some inspiration for a project at work, made some coooooool 3D type with it.

danni said...

haha let's see what you made mr. elliott.