Monday, August 11, 2008

2nd 1/2 Week - Mr. Elliott

Better late than never (Danni!), here is my tutorial for the week from called "Creating a Vector Composite from a Photo".

Here is the result:

Coulda been better, but it was fun none the less, learned some new things and that's what counts.

Maybe next week I will post a tutorial on how to stick my head on a sexy man's body, that could do me good in this world don't you think?


mye mye said...

ya I've been getting pretty lazy too but I'm gonna work on a new tutorial today and hopefully do my project from last week soon lol. anywho. I really like this! I think I've seen this done with type b4 maybe its the same process :)

danni said...

whoa cool curtis! this is pretty trippy. but awesome effect. glad you learned some stuff. teach me! ;)