Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1st week :: danni { tutorial & design }

ok friends, my tutorial is the "Trendy Geometric Lines Design Tutorial" from blog spoon graphics. i thought it was pretty cool.

here's my design from the tutorial:

here's my design for the week:

they are basically just sale fliers for a made-up shop. but i really liked the "sale" font so that's really the motivation to be able to use it in some design. the scanned papers, well, you know i love scanned papers : )


mye mye said...

yay i love them both! :) both look like your style. i love the composition for your sale project!

Mr. Elliott said...

Nice stuff Miss Danni, way to put up so much, geeeeeeeez.

Try not to set the bar so high next time okay?


mo said...